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IBM AS/400 and PC Systems Development

We provide sophisticated enterprise application development and migration products and services to IBM midrange customers.  These tools propel businesses into higher levels of performance and agility while extending the value of their investments in IBM Midrange (iSeries, AS/400, and System i) enterprise applications and the resources used to support them.

The objective of Oyez Technologies is to learn your business and  satisfy your Information Systems' requirements.  Once your requirements are understood, a quality solution may then be tailored to your company's needs.

Using   tools and advanced techniques, a productivity gain of five to ten times may be realized over standard development methods.  Your projects may now be completed in weeks, not months, with a greater degree of accuracy. Oyez Technologies will provide to you knowledge transfer as well as precise database design and application development.
Our solutions include:

  • Modern application development solutions
  • Automated migration solutions
  • Knowledgeable and dependable technical support
  • Superb education and training
  • Comprehensive consulting services

Initial Requirements Analysis
Information Planning and Feasibility Studies
Joint Application Design (JAD) sessions
Project Planning and Management
System Evaluation

Detailed Systems Design
Application Development (Generate/Deploy)
Quality Control
Post Implementation Review

System Support
System Management/Maintenance

Legacy RPG Programming
AS/400 iSeries – Oyez Technologies has worked in RPGIII, RPGIV, RPG400, and CL on IBM AS/400 and iSeries machines. We can maintain and/or enhance your current systems, or we can design and write new modules.

Web-Enabled Programming
Oyez Technologies branched out into web-enabled programming on the AS/400 and iSeries. All of our programs run in a web browser and use the data from your AS/400 database. We currently use Net.Data, JSP or PHP with JDBC, ODBC or DDM to access AS/400 data. RPG programming AS/400 programming iSeries RPG programming networking AS400 RPGII RPGIII RPG400 OCL CL S36. RPG programming AS/400 programming iSeries RPG programming networking AS400 RPGII RPGIII RPG400 OCL CL S36 system 36 system36 system/36
Installation and Maintenance
We performs installations and upgrades on AS/400 and PC platforms. We will install and apply PTFs or version upgrades to your AS/400.


Oyez Technologies
B-1/A, I.P. Tower , Wazir Pur Commercial Complex, New Delhi-110052, India
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We subscribe to all the services of Oyez Technologies. They are our sole and trusted vendor for all our web requirements and we are extremely happy with their prompt, quality, and result oriented services.         MD itsgreen