Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making the website rank higher on search engine result pages, so as to get maximum free or organic traffic. In today’s time, SEO is the buzzword. Websites or blogs need to rank higher in search engines in order to get maximum attention of the online population.
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Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most indispensable part of any SEO campaign and forms the basis of either its success or failure (if not done correctly). Ask any SEO professional what the single most important part of an SEO campaign is and we bet you’ll get this answer: “Keyword choice!” Here’s why - The keywords you choose will be the focus of your entire optimization process. Keywords (also referred to as keyword phrases, keyphrases, keyterms, and just terms) are the short, descriptive phrases that you want to be found with on the search engines. If you put considerable amount of time into carefully choosing powerful keywords, you are likely to be rewarded not only with higher ranks, but also with these benefits:

A well-optimized site, because your writers and other content producers will feel more comfortable working with well-chosen keywords as they add new site text.

More click-through rates once searchers see your listing, because your keywords will be highly relevant to your site’s content.

More conversions once your visitors come to your site, because the right keywords will help you attract a more targeted audience.

seo keyword research

Oyez Technologies makes sure to invest major portion of the optimization process into the selection of apt keywords for every SEO campaign. In order to do so, we have adequate resources both in terms of man-power and tools. We employ industry standard tools such as Google AdWords Keywords Tool, Wordtrakcer, Keyword Discovery and other modes of extracting a list of relevant keywords. Each extracted keyword is analyzed for its relevancy and effectiveness to the business and is tested upon various parameters. After that the keyword list is discussed among the SEO team to make sure that no error crawls in because, if a wrong keyword is selected, the whole optimization process will be a failure.

If you want to have a keyword research for your existing or new website, you can either avail our exclusive keyword research service or can benefit from our robust SEO plan.


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